I spent time talking with Leslie Morse of SolutionsIQ at the 2017 SAFe Summit, covering areas including forming effective transformation teams, articulating strategy for alignment, focusing on transformation outcomes, ideas about where SAFe is headed, and the #WomenInAgile movement, among other topics.

At the Agile 2016 conference in Atlanta I was able to join Alan Dayley for a casual chat after my talk on the continuing Tragedy of WIP, reflecting on my the impact of poor focus above the team level and how we need to limit WIP and focus at every level, not just within our teams.

Agile 2015 InfoQ Interview

I shared a few minutes with Shane Hastie to discuss the conference, some of the experiments we ran as part of the Program Team, the role of empathy in smoothing silos, and my Scaling the Social Fabric of Agility talk.