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Are mock objects hard?

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I never thought so, but then I realized I had five years to understand the justifications behind them. To me, they’ve become one of the common, core aspects of unit testing, and they always would have stayed that way until I started considering how to introduce them as part of a basic Unit Test training approach.  I’m trying to bring one of the guys on my team up to speed on unit testing theory and practice… starting from near zero.  This is a challenge, both for myself and for the gentleman in question.

As always, the result of teaching is a better understanding of how things work, and tonight I can much better articulate interface-based programming (and testing), inheritance, serialization, events, inner classes, Stimulus / response behavioral testing, the model/view/presenter design pattern, and the factory design pattern…. all because of a 60 minute lecture/lesson.

Empowering, enlightening, and so much damn fun!  [Shameless plug: Anybody that gets all this stuff want a job?]


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May 1st, 2007 at 5:29 pm

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