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Really easy thing that I thought would be in the nMock framework somewhere, but couldn’t find: A way to call custom validation code against the matched object. With .NET2′s anonymous delegates, it was pretty easy to whip up just such a beast (with a bonus matcher thrown in for good measure):

    internal delegate bool ObjectMatcher(object o);

    internal class DelegatingMatcher : Matcher

        public DelegatingMatcher( ObjectMatcher matcher )
            _matcher = matcher;

        private ObjectMatcher _matcher;

        public override void DescribeTo(System.IO.TextWriter writer)

        public override bool Matches(object o)
            return _matcher(o);

        internal static bool NonZeroStringLengthMatcher(object o)
            Assert.IsAssignableFrom(typeof(string), “Expected a string”);
            Assert.IsFalse(string.IsNullOrEmpty((string) o), “Expected contents in the string” );
            return true;



            DelegatingMatcher thingMatcher = new DelegatingMatcher(new ObjectMatcher(
                delegate(object target)
                    thingEntity thing= (thingEntity) target;
                    Assert.AreEqual(thingId, thing.ThingId);
                    Assert.AreEqual(newTitle, thing.Title);
                    Assert.AreEqual(contextId, thing.ContextId);
                    return true;


                    .With(thingMatcher, new EqualMatcher(contextalValue), new EqualMatcher(false));

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October 25th, 2007 at 2:01 pm

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