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I really find Michael’s post resonating with me today. I’ve reread it several times and each time I bring more and more out of it. While I’m not an XP zealot or a certified Scrum master of any sort, I have studied the approaches extensively over the last four years as I worked towards process definitions for the consulting company I worked for, and I’ve repeatedly felt the same pain Michael expresses.

The bullet points are extremely on, if somewhat pessimistic realistic in nature. However, I’ve always felt that it’s borderline pointless to present a risk without having at least a CONCEPT of a potential mitigation. Even if my mitigation is just a straw-man, it’ll still help get the discussion rolling. This starts with learning, is expanded by learning, and is finished by more learning.

Oh, and Michael, what you’re proposing isn’t a methodology, it’s a philosophy (or maybe a paradigm). It also sounds very happily Lean. Let’s keep talking, though, it’s good stuff!

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April 24th, 2007 at 10:05 am

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