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My first live blog post… April Indianapolis .NET Developers Association

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I’ve never done this before… I’m sitting in the IndyNDA event for this month, and since there’s wireless, and I’ve got my computer, and IndyNDA’s got tables, I thought I’d actually give live posting a try. Expect a stream of thought as I (partially) listen to the presentations.

Tonight’s presentation is by Paul Hacker talking about what’s in Windows Server 2008 and Dan Rigsby talking about new features in VS 2008. I’m hoping they’re going to be going into much more detail than they did at the Heroes Happen {here} event.

Windows Server 2008

Lots of new stuff here, but it’s looking like another wave of specialists is needed. I’m interested, but getting it into production is a scary proposition since there are no “experts”. Half my team knows what to go in and try to tweak if we’ve got issues on production [note: this can be bad], which can save the night sometimes. If all the rules have changed, tough… now what? Windows Server Core, clustering, and firewalls do look good, though. “If somebody stole your domain controller”… there are so many things I’ve never really had to think about.

I like the look of the new admin tool. The current one’s a pain. Hypervisor – neat – I’ll have to look at this one. Now I know what “System Center” is… kind of…

Aside: Listening to Paul present is somewhat intimidating. He’s done this a billion times, and tonight’s my first time.  Soon after I typed this, he gave me an excellent plug to get people to my presentation afterwards.

SQL Server 2008

Sounds like Dan’s going to expand on the launch event with some details: Top 10 SQL Server features (for developers), Visual Studio features for different types of developers. Lots of ‘neat’ helpers to represent difficult types of data. More time types, more hierarchies, and some spatial/geographic data types. Data Change Tracking would have saved a LOT of effort on several tables for auditing. Modes for “event audit” and mode for “history”. Is this something that maintains row-level or just table-level?  I’ll have to ask! Time type can go out to nanoseconds, but can anything meaningful come out of servers, or only specific applications storing eternal data in that format.

I like the output of the node management and the ability to .ToString() it into a meaningful representation. More interesting is the .NET syntax in the SQL. I’m seeing quite a lot of potential as SQL and (as an example) C# come together. Does VB.NET have a future? I asked if the tracking goes to the row level, but nobody’s sure yet. He mentioned a new “Sync” server which reminds me of replication services, but hopefully faster.

I need to remember to set up the Source code symbol server sometime soon, just in case I ever need to climb in (instead of reflecting the linq framework)

He’s mentioning the framework versioning targets, but the templates don’t work well for generators. Annoying. I forgot about that.

Visual Studio 2008

Less of interest here – I’ve used most of the features he’s going over already, and the new stuff is about manifests, deployment, etc… stuff that’s a bit beyond my ken at the moment since I”m living in a server world. He’s doing a bit of WPF, but I already put my time in on that (although, I did get a chance to pull the TFSStickyBuddy project down from codeproject and take a look at it. This could be fun if I get to it over the next month at all… maybe in NC next month.. heh – maybe I should try and set up a day trip to the MS office in Raleigh to meet the dev team. Back to focus, though. Dan asked who’s using 3.5 currently – maybe a double-handful out of the 100+ in the room.

Ok – Stickybuddy just got a lot less fun… VB.NET… ARGH! Seems well-factored, though… time to dig in.  … and, thus ends my attention span for the presentation…


After a delay, and a bit of heckling of Dan for using Twitter like a high school girl (and Paul, and Larry), it’s time for me to get prepped for my presentation.


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