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So, on Feb 15 I was talking to one of my collegaues about this cool thing I found behind his office in Des Moines:

2/14/2007 Eric hank does the big white
building complex behind the holiday inn still say “Becky, will U marry ME?
Chris” on the roof?
2/14/2007 hanka Eric i don’t know – do
you have a link?
2/14/2007 Eric,+des+moines&ie=UTF8&z=19&ll=41.6472,-93.695894&spn=0.001479,0.003136&t=h&om=1

And, for fun, I sent it in to Google Blogscoped, who posted my comment here (with attribution):

Today, a month later, I see it come back around at:

With credit given to:

and on to: 

 Alas, no credit back to me ;)

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March 15th, 2007 at 1:56 pm

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