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It seems that working feverishly for a week to prepare a highly mixed development team for live development is a harrowing experience. It’s also become clear that not much is obvious about the process. Everything’s very dynamic and unknown, but today it’s coming together, and I have CHECK-INS… real, live, first day progress-indicating checked in CODE! We have a web service that does a bit, some UI bits that show and bind to (mocked out) data, we’ve got a data model… STUFF IS HAPPENING!

But, this flurry of activity has made it hard for me to post… so… that’s why this is an occasional journey, right?

Oh… and Spraints… I miss you! I wish you were here right now helping me make this happen… I’m not NEARLY as good of a Unit Test enforcer as you are, among other things.

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March 12th, 2007 at 3:17 pm

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