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Regrets and Frustration

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Today, many months of goal-setting and hopes have come to an end. In the course of two days I’ve lost my two most promising candidates, and both of them are for reasons I find highly regrettable.

One of my good friends in the development community has suffered a serious medical condition, and is going to be out of condition for quite a while. To you, my friend, I offer my best hopes for your speedy recovery.

The other candidate is even more frustrating, because the only obstacle standing between him and this job is the the United States federal government. Although this individual is beyond qualified, well-known in the development community, and extremely desirous of both working in the USA and in working with me, this is made impossible by the structure of US immigration laws. As a result, small business owners (rightfully) refuse to become involved because of the pain, risks, and costs that are introduced. For a nation that proclaims its desire to support the small business and entrepreneurial individuals, this isn’t that supporting. Thus, my frustration. To my candidate, and you know who you are, I’ve not given up, and I hope to work with you someday, somehow.


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February 26th, 2007 at 8:53 pm

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