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n. Anti-pattern to colocation.

For the last week I’ve been spending a lot of time working alone, in a non-collaborative environment. Sometimes this happens, and it always seems to produce slower, lower quality work. The discipline isn’t quite all there, the testing lags just a bit, the designs aren’t quite as solid or well-integrated… it just doesn’t quite come together when I’m working alone. I’m still doing good work, but not AS good. Other people I know have described the same sentiments. So, why is it that there is still SO MUCH RESISTANCE to colocation?

At my previous job I would push for colocated teams as much as possible, and towards the end of my time there it was finally happening on a consistent basis. Sometimes the logistics were hard because of the short and uncertain nature of some of the projects, but it always helped. It helped a hundred times MORE when everybody on the team embraced the concept and agreed that it would help… magically, it DID help more. Other times, I’ve watched colocation mean that people silently sat in cubes near each other and acted no differently.

How frustrating.

C_, R_, and M_… is it any better yet? 

<tangent>One of my personal pet peeves is always when somebody is offered a clear way to try something to improve themselves, and refuses to take any advantage of it.</tangent>

Edit: Right after I wrote this, I found in my reader. How appropriate that I find (at least one reason that could be) my answer so quickly.

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March 23rd, 2007 at 7:57 am

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