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Thanks SEP!

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SEP, my previous employer, has graciously released their Code Review Support Tool to the community under the New BSD license. It’s currently up at CodePlex and is a fully functioning (version 3-5!) release.

Matt and I are currently gathering ideas about “what’s next” and will be putting together a development roadmap in the near future. The first requirement is to resolve the current dependency on the Janus grid control. After that, there’s three main prongs of potential development to explore:

  • Evolve the user interface (WPF, VS integration, etc). This is “fun” stuff, but is not crucial to use.
  • Add additional SCM systems. This could open up the tool’s use to subversion, etc.
  • Add additional capabilities within the existing SCM tools. Specifically:
    • more tightly integrating TFS and the various process support options it has
    • extracting code review work flow into some [semi]configurable representation.


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September 7th, 2007 at 8:41 am

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