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What if?

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What would I do if I saw the perfect job opportunity? Why do I ask?  Because I just did. David Anderson has recently posted an availability for a new position on his blog.

  • First, I would craft my resume to meet the job. However, in this case, my resume already fits this job like a glove. In fact, if I were to write my dream job description I think it would be very close to this, but not quite as well-written. Oh, and I only have 7 years of experience, not 8.
  • Second, I would make a list of my previous interactions with the hiring manager. Things like attending the Lean Design and Development conference in 2005 and having a couple great conversations about FDD. Then a year later attending SEPG in Nashville and going to hear some great music together.
  • Third, I would make sure that the hiring manager knows that I’ve followed his work for a while. Not just the obvious, current blog, but also his older UI Design work, even if he hasn’t posted since 2004. I’ve even read his book, and used it to start changing the culture of a company.
  • Fourth, I’d apply other techniques as appropriate. Maybe posting in my blog with a trackback so he knows I was interested. Maybe inviting him to have a couple beers next time he’s in town (always open!). All sorts of ideas.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter. I’m quite happy in my new job, and I haven’t been here long enough to consider moving on. Also, the job’s in Seattle, and I’m not. At least for the moment we prefer the eastern half of the country.

But, it never hurts to ask “What if?”

Oh, and David, if you read this – get in touch!

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March 6th, 2007 at 1:58 pm

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