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What would you do with a 12 passenger van?

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My wife and I, as instructors and directors at Dan Shi Martial Arts Club, would use it to make a huge difference in the lives of our students. We currently pick up 12 children in inner-city Indianapolis every Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. For the past five years, we’ve done this using our two personal vehicles and at least one volunteer driver & vehicle each trip. The visible rewards of adding stability to these children’s lives has been amazing. Unfortunately, as the program grows we have been forced to progressively cut back the frequency we pick up certain students. On weekends when one or more of the volunteer drivers are unavailable, we’re forced to cancel the ride for many of the kids. The only way we’ve been able to continue picking up all of the children on Saturdays is through a donor allowing us to use her minivan for four hours every Saturday.

One of the major goals for our program has been to acquire a van to bring these kids to the studio.

This Monday, we discovered that we are able to purchase a business van from a local software engineering company for the very reasonable price of $5300. Insurance and the other logistical details fell quickly into place and fit within the budget. The only problem was buying the van. $5300 represents a great deal of money for an organization with no paid employees using donated space. $5300 represents three tournaments that our students would have to skip. $5300 represents far, far more than Dan Shi’s current account balance having just paid for two spring tournaments. So, we reached out to our donors.

By the end of the night Monday, we had $1200 pledged. By the end of Tuesday we were up to $2200. 

We expect to have until Monday, March 17th to come up with the money. We’ve talked to our best donors. They’ve responded happily and quickly in spite of having just sponsored the spring tournaments. We’re still short, and it’s time to reach outside our normal community.

How can you help?

If you are able to donate $1000, $500, or even $100 towards helping us to realize this opportunity, you have made a difference in a child’s life. You have helped to bring a little bit more light into the lives of children living in one of the poorest areas of Indianapolis. You have helped a child learn the discipline and focus required to make a difference in their own lives. If you will support this effort, contact me as soon as possible:

What difference will you make? 



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March 12th, 2008 at 3:38 pm

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