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Why do I sit in a cube all day?

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Oh wait, I don’t, and neither does Matt Heusser. In his most recent post over at Testing at the Edge of Chaos, he devotes a section to challenging why we co-locate at all any more. As somebody who has recently shaped my life to get out of that geographical lock-down and start moving with my family to the places we want to be, I’m very interested in the lessons and perspectives of others that have created similar situations for themselves.

The situation creates a natural pull between my agilist nature wanting to be entirely located with my team and my human side that wants to be in natural settings that work for me, instead of in a sterile office environment.  Luckily, it feels like technology is coming to the rescue and allowing me to recoup some of the proximity benefits through social networking, video chat and the like, while still allowing me to live and work where I want. Unfortunately, it’s not at the point where I can just wave my hand and have a peer checking out my work in 1 second, or to where I can pick up from body language that my team’s getting frustrated and needs a disruptive event to help focus things again.

I’ll be thinking about this, and maybe I’ll have answers someday. Until then, I hope to see Matt and others like him continue to write about their experiences!

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September 23rd, 2009 at 4:03 am

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