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I attended Ken’s ScrumMaster ™ course over the last two days. Possibly more on that later, but for not I want to focus on something entirely different. People are just very incredibly decent when it comes right down to it.

Ken has an absolution jar in the center of the room to catch the $1 owed for being late back to your table or for cussing in the course. Each day a charity is chosen that has a connection to somebody in the room for the money to go to afterward. On Monday, I mentioned that I ran Dan Shi Martial Arts club, and it was selected as Monday’s charity. By the end of the day the jar held $21, and I took $20 of it to deposit as an anonymous donation. Awesome idea, and thank you everybody!

Tuesday morning I thanked everybody during the morning agenda for sharing their sins with the needy, and commented that they’d sponsored a single student for a single month, which is hugely appreciated. At some point during the day, people must have talked it around, because around 3pm Ken tapped me on the shoulder and told me that the group had collectively decided to send Tuesday’s money Dan Shi’s way as well… THANK YOU!

Around 4:45 I straightened up the money because I was having problems putting my dollar in for being late back from break. I counted ~$30 at that point. At 5:15 I collected the money, and found EIGHTY THREE DOLLARS in the mug. Everybody, thank you! That is hugely significant to an unfunded organization, and we thank you very very much.

You have collectively allowed us to sponsor a child for almost half a year. Thank you.  You are all awesome, and it just reminds again that no matter how much we may disagree, argue, or bicker professionally, every single individual is first and foremost a person doing the best they can do.

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June 30th, 2009 at 5:01 pm

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