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Develop People

The amazing people you hire drive your success... or failure. Effective transformations require planting the seeds of agility broadly and transparently, equipping people with with the skills, mindsets, and capabilities required to provide agile leadership at all levels.

Accelerate Value Streams

Your values streams transform your people's effort into the bottom-line impact you need. Effective agility requires unleashing the potential your value streams, organizing the people and investments to maximum effect, then creating the vision and clarity required for them to excel.

Remove Barriers

Enterprise scale creates overhead and impediments through its very nature. Many of the institutions and organizing structures that served us very well in prior decades are now holding us back, adding friction to every action people take. Effective transformations not only change and add new approaches, but also inspect, adapt, and eliminate those that no longer serving us, freeing up energy to accelerate other aspects of your business.

Impactful Strategy

Successful strategies require extreme alignment, an intense clarity of the intent and reasoning behind what truly matters for the organization, shared by everybody with a part to play in that success.

We help you articulate, deploy, and iterate your strategy across your technology organization.

About Eric Willeke

I partner with leaders navigating their transformation journeys as they adopt new approaches and mindsets to optimize their technology investments. My extensive experience leading complex lean-agile adoption efforts in America’s largest companies spanning the technology, media, enterprise software, insurance & financial services, telecom, and healthcare industries supports these companies as they build their capability to sustainably and successfully deliver on the needs of their businesses. I am driven by helping leaders unleash better results with their people through applying new mindsets, organizational models, and practices, enabling their organizations to flourish.


Eric has served various roles on the program committee for the Agile 201x conference series and as the lead editor for the Proceedings of the LSSC conference series, and speaks frequently at conferences around the world.

Transformation Leader

CA Technologies

Eric led the internal product organization transformation for CA Technologies following the acquisition of Rally Software, supporting 3,000 technologies in achieving improved impact through scaling agility.

Consulting Leader

Rally Software

Eric served as Lead Transformation Consultant and as the Eastern region Transformation Services Director for Rally, working alongside his team in helping a wide variety of clients spanning diverse industries achieve improved outcomes through agility.

Thought Leader

Thought Leader

Scaled Agile Framework

Eric holds both the Safe Program Consultant Trainer certification and the SAFe Fellow designation, highlighting his leadership in contributing to SAFe and helping his clients be successful in applying the Framework in achieving their business goals.